About the Author of this blog.

My name is Christa, and I am an editor and writer/blogger. Most days, you can find me writing and researching ways to help others on their blogging journey. On the other days, I edit for various clients.

I have always loved to write for as long as I can remember. From creative writing in high school and several published short stories as an adult. But it was always a side interest and hobby.

I used to work in the childcare field, first as an owner of a preschool program(16 years) and then as an Education Assistant(3.5 years). After years of working with children, I wanted to transition into writing full-time.

I spent the last year training and attending school to become a content marketer and editor.

This blog is the piece of my journey – I am here to share my knowledge and lessons learned. Plus, help others on their writing journey.

Welcome to my page!

Have questions?

Just Ask!

I love to connect with my readers and would love to know more about you.

Author: Christa

I am a writer and blogger sharing my knowledge and helping others with their writing, blogging and editing. I also write because I love it and want to connect with my readers. Everything from marketing, SEO optimized content to short stories and full-length novels.

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